Sascha Pollack
MD / Executive Producer

Till Strauß
MD / Executive Producer

Kathi Kümmel

Therese Scholz

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doity is a Berlin based film production company.

doity produces a wide range of high quality moving pictures for commercials, content and promos.
doity produces all kinds of still image campaigns.
doity represents a boutique roster of highly gifted directors.

2010 founded by MDs Sascha & Till at age 22.
2020 still there. pretty cool, huh?

In the meantime we realized over a hundred campaigns, films, promos.
We won awards and lost pitches, had long travels and short nights.
We´ve been to countless conference calls and endless editing sessions.
Gathered unforgettable experiences, made new friends, celebrated incredible parties.

…and the beat goes on. doity.

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doity Produktion GmbH +49 (0) 30 609 88 74 90 Choriner Str. 33 10435 Berlin Germany